Why is water coming out of my radiator

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My friend replaced the radiator , cap and removed the T*stat . Hoses are ok. Back pressure stopped when he took T-stat out . Water was flowing back out the radiator with the cap off . With the t-stat out the water stoped coming back . Wondering about the water pump now . Will pull spark plugs out and check for water or ouled plug . Runs rough to. Why is water coming out of my radiator in my 97 cadillac deville with a northstar. Posted by Anonymous on Aug 10, 2009. Want Answer 0. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Comment; Flag; More. Print this page; Share this page. Jul 28, 2022 · Here are four of the most common signs of a bad radiator overflow tank. 1) Coolant Leak If the radiator coolant overflow tank is damaged or cracked, then you can expect coolant fluid to leak out of it. Sometimes cracks will form on the overflow tank if it is too old and worn out.. The most common reasons are radiator corrosion, a damaged coolant hose, or even a water pump with a leaking gasket. If you notice that there is a coolant leak under your vehicle, consult an expert. The mechanic can determine what the issue is, and they can also replace the damage. If you have a coolant leak, there is a severe problem. If a steam radiator makes gurgling noises, either from the air vent or from the radiator itself, it's usually a sign that condensed water is being trapped in the radiator rather than draining back down to the boiler. This can be the result of problems with the radiator itself, the control valve, or the air vent. Check the Supply Valve. Please help me figure out why/ what this is coming out of the hot water in my bath tub. I live in a townhouse built in the 70s and this stuff comes out at the beginning when I try to take a bath but goes away after a min. Is this dangerous? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. If water is coming out of rads in a steam system, the boiler is flooding. There should be a valve (possibly a McDonnell Miller) to regulate the water and a site glass to show the water level in the boiler. If that's the case, this isn't DIY and you should call back whoever serviced the boiler, or call someone else who knows boilers. Below are some symptoms you can look for to determine if you have a bad radiator cap. Signs of a Faulty Radiator Cap. 1) Leaking Coolant. 2) White Streaks on Radiator. 3) Overflowing Reservoir. 4) Radiator Hose Collapses. 5) Radiator Hose Bursts. 6) Overheated Engine. 7) Air Inside the Cooling System. Below are common symptoms that may appear with a faulty coolant expansion tank. How a Radiator Overflow Tank Works. Top 4 Bad Coolant Expansion Tank Symptoms. 1) Coolant Leak. 3) Coolant Odor. 4) Overheated Engine. 5) Low Level of Coolant. Radiator Overflow Tank Replacement Cost. Jul 19, 2019 · A cold upper part of the radiator may indicate the vent is plugged with scale or is malfunctioning. Vapor or slight moisture from the vent is normal. Steam continuously passing through the vent indicates a malfunction. Replace the vent as needed or every 10 years. What to do if your radiator is smoking?. . Feb 08, 2021 · In older automobiles, the radiator was made of copper and aluminum. Why is water coming out of my radiator? There is a water pump that puts water in at the top. It drains through the radiator and back via the bottom. If the radiator is completely full, as it should be, the pump will increase the pressure at the top slightly.. Why is water coming out of my steam radiator? A steam radiator can leak from its air vent, the cylindrical or bullet-shaped metal device located on one end near the top of the radiator. These vents are designed to release air, not water, and they should always point straight up.. If you seelots of water pouring from your tailpipe and white smoke coming out, it could be a blown gasket head. The gasket functions as a physical barrier between the internal.