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Maxpeedingrods supply performance GT3076R GT3037 GT30 T3 4-BOLT Flange 500HP Turbo Charger 0.6 A/R 0.82 Turbine and other performance auto parts tuning online with affordable price ... Vw Polo 6R 09-18 & 6C 14-17 53 products; Vw Polo AW 2018+ 35 products; Vw Golf Mk1 136 products; Vw Golf & Jetta Mk2 39 products; Vw Golf & Jetta Mk3. This translates into a far more precise feel from the suspension and steering. 4. Monotube Design Inside any coilover, there are two designs of dampers you will come across, monotube and twin tube. The twin tube uses an inner and outer tube, twins if you will. The inner tube holds the piston shaft, valve and oil.