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Propelled by a 100-horsepower engine, a VariEze, built to Rutan's specifications, could carry two adults for about 1,127 km (700 miles) at approximately 290 kph (180 mph). Loaded light without a passenger and only an hour of fuel on board, most VariEzes could climb at 608 m (2,000 ft) per minute and reach altitudes near 7,600 m (25,000 ft). 1. akfouronesix October 15, 2020, 12:04am #1 This is a modern-light aircraft,that has good air-powered design However, the Long-EZdesign gross weight is 1425 lbs, 36% heavier than the VariEze essary for the Long-EZ Landing accident in Long-Ez Accident Reports Landing accident in Long-Ez Accident Reports.. In 1997, he was looking for a new thrill, and he found it in the Long-EZ. The Rutan Model 61 "Long-EZ" is a popular homebuilt aircraft with a canard layout, which was designed by Burt Rutan's Rutan Aircraft Factory. It is derived from one of Rutan's previous designs, the VariEze, as a larger version, and the plans were first offered to. anal sex testimonials from women. Cancel. Printed Kit in high quality PLA or PET. Shipped in 3-4 business days. (PLA) Free Plans. Download Free Model Plans. Northrop P-61. Radio-Control / Fighter. 535 Airplane Glow. As with the VariEze, the Long-EZ uses Rutan's moldless foam-core construction method, a brilliant, simple way to optimize shape by cutting or hot-wiring out a profile from blocks of high-density poly foam, sanding it to exact dimensions and laying on fiberglass and epoxy over the foam, as is done with surfboards. The result is a light, sleek airframe, giving very efficient aerodynamics. Kit Planes / Varieze Subscribe to "Kit Planes / Varieze" Classifieds in Email. No listings in this category currently. bus dashboard warning lights. kelly hyland instagram. About Rutan VariEze. This 2016 Rutan VariEze aircraft for in Hungary is 1 of 0 similar aircraft currently available on GlobalPlaneSearch. This aircraft is listed for $6,380. Building a LongEZ will require a small increase in time and money over a VariEZ, But the Long is a significantly improved aircraft over the Vari. Step 1) Purchase a "TERF" CD set, This includes all of the Rutan plans, including the LongEZ. (Check E-bay) Step 2) Download the "OpenEZ templates from Canard Zone. These are the templates you'll need. This aircraft was flown 182 trouble free hours including one trip to Oshkosh. Engine sold in 1994 with plan to install larger engine. Life happened and the planned engine swap never materialized. Aircraft has been stored in a low humidity garage. No rust or corrosion and never damaged. No time or inclination to finish the engine swap at this time. 490. Re: Fuel Consumption: 0-200 vs 912s. Having used O-200s for many years--as a practical matter, 75% power at low altitude yields 6 gallons (22 liters) per hour. That is real life experience with at least a dozen different engines, some low time some mid time and some high time. 10-11-2011, 02:38 PM #3. The first step in the repair of any aircraft composite damage is to identify the extent of the damage and the materials and processes used in the original part fabrication. These specifications are usually available from the original manufacturer. If original specifications are not available a more in depth engineering analysis. The kit consists of teflon tube and slightly undersize welding rod used as hinge pin material. Basically, the original pin is replaced with a pin made from the new undersize pin riding inside the teflon tube liner. The result is tight and smooth. Kit Planes / Varieze. FlightAware Aviation Photos: RUTAN VariEze (piston-single)(C-GRDN), Short Final 26 Left CYPK. Products. Data Products. AeroAPI Flight data API with on-demand. I have recently came across unbuilt varieze kit for sale in my area. The seller states that he has the following: Original plans, original Canard Pusher letters, templates, canopy,. .