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He tells you how great he thinks you are and how proud of you he is when you do cool things. He tells others too. He tells you you're beautiful and you can tell he means it. 17) He just wants to lock lips all day long If this guy kissed you anymore, your lips might fall off. He just can't get enough. Here are 7 ways to assess yourself and others: Emotionally strong people... Are less discouraged by setbacks and disappointments. Are more adaptable to change. Are able to. sign #2: Feeling remains the same even after a long period of time. Unlike a feeling or emotion, intuition remains the same and doesn’t weaken or change over time. Feelings and emotions. He'll talk about moving in together at a later stage, for instance, and even if he's only hinting at it in passing, it's a good sign that he's got you in his future plans. 15. He makes you feel safe . You feel secure around him because you know you can trust him. Inability to express strong negative or positive emotions Inability to "fully participate" in life (i.e., feeling like you're a passive observer) Feeling that life is like a dream (a sense unreality) Living on autopilot Lack of interest in activities others find enjoyable Feeling distant from others. 1.16 16.He gets along with your friends and family. 1.17 17.He makes sacrifices for you. 1.18 18.You're always on his mind. 1.19 19.He loves you for who you are. 1.20 19.He puts your needs first. There are certain things that a man does when he has strong feelings for a woman. If you are wondering whether or not your guy is into you, look for.