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quedé-quedé meaning, definition and translation. Portuguese: redução de que é de / Italian:. In Deque or Double Ended Queue, insertion and deletion can be done from both ends of the queue either from the front or rear. It means that we can insert and delete elements from both front and rear ends of the queue. Deque can be used as a palindrome checker means that if we read the string from both ends, then the string would be the same. What does qued mean? Information and translations of qued in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. ... Etymology: From qued, quede, queed, quaad, from *, from kwēdaz, from gʷēdh-. Cognate with quad, kwaad, quaad, quat. Related also to cwead, quat, quat, Kot. How to pronounce qued? Alex. quedar ( first-person singular present indicative quedo, past participle quedado ) ( intransitive) to stay quiet or still. (takes a reflexive pronoun) to linger (to stay in a place or situation for too long) (takes a reflexive pronoun, copulative) to stay; to remain (not to change from a condition). quede (comparative mais quede superlative o mais quede) Dated form of cadê. Verb . quede. first-person singular present subjunctive of quedar; third-person singular (ele and ela, also used. Que se quede el infinito sin estrellas. Let infinity stay without stars. O que pierda el ancho mar su inmensidad. Or let it loose the wide sea in its immensity. Pero el negro de tus ojos que no muera. But don't let the black of your eyes die. Y el canela de tu piel se quede igual. And let the cinnamon of your skin stay the same. The Guede ( Haitian Creole: Gede) also spelled Guédé or Ghede, are the family of loa that embody the powers of death and fertility. Guede spirits include Guede-Double, Guede-Linto, Guede L'Orage, Guede Nibo and Guede Ti Malice. All are known for the drum rhythm and dance called the "banda". Definitions and Meaning of queue in English queue noun. a braid of hair at the back of the head (information processing) an ordered list of tasks to be performed or messages to be. The Subjunctive Present is used to talk about situations of uncertainty, or emotions such as wishes, desires and hopes. It differs from the indicative mood due to the uncertainty of the.