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Adding New Records to a Table: Installing the Sample Database: Retrieving Data from the Sample Database: ... Returning Multiple Values from an Extension Function: Extending the PostgreSQL Server with Custom Data Types: Internal and External Forms:. Use this panel to setup your database problem (CREATE TABLE, INSERT, and whatever other statements you need to prepare a representative sample of your real database). ... ( PostgreSQL 9.6 ) Did this query solve the problem? If so, consider donating $5 to help make sure SQL Fiddle will be here next time you need help with a database problem.. Here is an example using the example table from my previous email: INSERT INTO example (name) VALUES ('foo'), ('foo') ON CONFLICT (name) DO SELECT RETURNING * Here are a couple options of how to handle this: 1) Return two identical rows (with the same id) It took me a while to understand how types work in the context of Postgres functions that. Step 1: Connect to the PostgreSQL database using the connect () method of psycopg2 module. Step 2: Create a new cursor object by making a call to the cursor () method. Step 3: Now execute the INSERT statement by running the execute () method. Step 4: After inserting the data call the commit () method to make the changes permanent. Firstly, we will start from Spring Command Line Interface. You can however surf to the Spring Initializr Web application if you prefer. Our Web application will require the following dependencies as specified by spring init: $ spring init -dweb,data-jpa,postgresql,validation, thymeleaf spring-crud-postgres. Echoing @Freight_Train, get the data into Postgres first, then do query/insert. I would get the points (or the source data) loaded into Postgres first. And if possible, get the source of the "extra" data loaded into Postgres. Then build a table with geometry from those and put a spatial index on the geometry column. .