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“Piper mclean solos ur problematic fav” - half assed set up. Tripod+Camera pointing to her sitting on a beanbag in the corner of her room holding a tiny mic. - she and rachel frequently collab and use their privilege to spread awareness abt climate justice and landback - different stuffy/plushy in her lap each video. Answer (1 of 2): Depends on what you think is 'best', but here's a few I remember reading. * Forgetting Bokuto (Based off of the anime/manga: Orange) * Ardour (A college fic) * Disguised (A classic dressing-up-as-a-guy fic but is still pretty good). Open Mic Singer (as Tara McLean) Eric Ritter ... Arlene's Grocery Audience Member: Thomas R. Martin ... Arlene's Grocery Audience Member: Ken Hudson Campbell ... Biker (as Ken Campbell) Jorgen de Mey ... Coyote Ugly Customer: Jimmy Shubert .... road glide vs street glide wind protection; lg v40 edl mode. Piper starts a relationship with Jason Grace at Wilderness School. She also befriends Leo Valdez. Piper starts having dreams in which the giant Enceladus has kidnapped her father. Jason wakes up on a bus trip to the Grand Canyon with amnesia. Eventually, Piper realizes her relationship with him was an illusion.