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Ogaden, arid region of eastern Ethiopia. It occupies the barren plain between the Somalia-Ethiopia border and the Ethiopian Eastern Highlands (on which Harer and Dire Dawa are situated). The major river of the region is the Shebeli, fed by ephemeral streams. At the southwestern edge of the Ogaden are the headwaters of the Genale (Jubba) River. The region has an overall low population density .... Somalia invaded the Ogaden region of Ethiopia on 23 July 1977, thus initiating a short, virtually unknown war that led to pervasive instability on the Horn of Africa that persists to this day (Westad 2007).The Ogaden War lasted nine months, and although casualty figures are variable, conservative estimates suggest that it resulted in about 37,000 military dead and. How #Ukrainian soldiers get welcomed by the local population . 26 Sep 2022 04:00:00. week 53 pool fixtures 2022 ... Warm (max 25°C on Fri afternoon, min 17°C on Thu. 07 jun 2022. ogaden population in kenyahouse joint resolution 192 of 1933 Posted by ....