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Transiting North Node square natal Jupiter. You may be at odds with your higher self. Playing small is tempting now yet you may abandon fortunate opportunities before really giving yourself. Transiting Jupiter conjunct your natal North Node is a meaningful transit. Circumstances during this transit will affect your future. Basically, this is one of those periods which you'll remember for the rest of your life. This is a time for growth. Generally, the transiting Nodes take around 19 years to move around the chart (18.6 years by mean node average). The move in (mostly*) retrograde motion indicating that they are a highly personal inner process. When the transiting nodes meet the natal nodes, sometimes it can manifest in experiences or feelings that feel 'fated' in some way. Do you want to everything about the main astrological transits of December 2021?December 2021 is a period characterized by the beginning of the direct path of Neptune in Pisces (12/01); the total eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius (04/12); the retrogradation of Venus in Capricorn (12/19); the entry of the Sun into Capricorn (12/21); the entry of the North Node in Taurus (12/22); and the. Transiting Pluto brings intensity and focus to our lives. Pluto breaks through illusions, in search of the utter truth. Pluto - Moon aspects in synastry indicate emotion transformation. Sometimes, there is an element of control that is confused with love. These aspects create codependent, obsessive relationships.