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Connecticut Fish and Wildlife. 45,367 likes · 1,953 talking about this · 85 were here. The Bureau of Natural Resources conserves & manages fish, wildlife, & forests, and encourages enjoyment of these. Lakes RB April, October Ruby Lake NWR - South Springs RB April, October TT April Ruby Lake NWR - Unit 21 RB March, October BN October TT March South Fork Reservoir CB October BN July, October RB April, October CC May or June Tabor Creek TT May, June Wildhorse Reservoir CB October BN July, October. Sep 18, 2022 · This dynamic Fish Planting Schedule is updated in real time, directly by CDFW Hatchery staff. Although it contains current information, all fish plants are subject to change depending on road, water, weather and operational conditions. Conditions permitting, the waters listed here will be restocked with catchable-size fish from CDFW hatcheries .... 320,850. Fingerling. 2012. Walleye. 325,180. Fingerling. - Fry are newly hatched fish -- Fingerlings are young fish from 1" to 3" in length -- Advanced Fingerlings are young fish from 4 - 10" in length -- Catchables are young Trout from 8 - 10" in length -- Smolts are young Salmon from 4" - 6" in length..