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Step 1. Enter your date of birth into the Find You Planet tool.. Step 2. Now that you know what your Ruling Planet is, don’t you want to know what zodiac sign it was in on the day you were born? 1) Enter your birth information in the Find Your Planet Tool below 2) Go to your Child of the Planet page (for instance if you’re a Child of Mercury you’ll want to go to the Child of. If your dominant planet is Mercury, you are a Mercurian. You’re intelligent and quick-witted. You also love a good conversation and you have a great way with words. You. Mercury is in the 3rd House, the sector where inter-personal relations are learned, and which is naturally linked to this planet. Communication is an essential feature to you. You need to continuously experiment new ideas, as well as to create multi-faceted concepts and relationships. You try to keep your intellectual process constantly at work. Mercury ions (Hg 2+) are the dominant mercury species in water, and have severe toxic effects on human health and the ecosystem.Due to the limitations of traditional analytical methods for mercury determination, e.g., complex pretreatment, costly instruments, and being unsuitable for low-level online sensing, numerous efforts have been made to.