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Einstein’s derivation of special relativity theory (SRT), based on hypothetical reasoning and thought experiments, is regarded as a prime example of physics theory development. In secondary education, the introduction of SRT could provide a great opportunity for students to engage in physics theorizing, but this opportunity is largely being missed in. In fact, Relativity may be the best-known scientific concept that few people truly understand. For example, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity comes in two parts: the Special Theory of Relativity. ON THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY: MASS, FORCE AND ENERGY. By R. D. Carmichael. Introduction. [In a previous paper I have given an analysis of the characteristic postulates on which the theory of relativity depends and have developed in a general way some of the fundamental conclusions of this theory. The plan of treatment adopted makes it possible to arrive at these results by arguments which are. The two postulates of the theory of relativity are well known. The first one is the principle of relativity which says that there is no preferential inertial reference frame: natural law (s) is (are) the same in all inertial systems. The second postulate concerns the principle of the constant speed of light.