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E36 M3 Code 65 P0340 Question Hello all, I have a '99 M3 with a Code 65 (P0340). Replaced the camshaft sensor with an OEM and still the same issue. Tested the wiring back to the ECM for shorts/high resistance; everything is good. I'm a bit confused about one thing though: is this a 5V sensor? The DME seems to be supplying ~2.4V to the sensor. 8 and im still using the 318iS fuel pump without issue im assuming you would be wiring them up so they are both running at the. Fuel Filter Replacement. ... 3 series e36 wikipedia, 1995 318i e36 fuel pump wiring diagram bimmerforums co uk, 1995 bmw e34 engine diagram downloaddescargar com, complete engines for bmw 318i for sale ebay, bmw 3. Running Lean is hosted by Patrick McGilvray - an experienced marathoner, ultrarunner, Master Life Coach, and Weight Loss Coach for Runners. Patrick helps runners properly fuel their bodies and their minds so they can become lean running machines. Whether you want to lose weight, break through a weight-loss plateau, or just enjoy running again, you'll. If Your Vehicle is Running Lean . Lean Mixture. A lean mixture occurs when there's a higher concentration of air to fuel than there should be. When this occurs, your engine will likely still run but will result in jerking motions within the mechanics of the combustion engine which in turn leads to damage to the engine, such as burned valves. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life. E36 320i running problems. Reply Reply Author. Discussion. Fire99. Original Poster. 9,822 posts. 210 months. Sunday 3rd January 2010. Hi folks, I wonder if you could help me solve a running. Running lean means that the engine doesn't have enough fuel to match the levels of oxygen that it's receiving. The ECU should be able to open the fuel injectors more to allow for higher fuel levels. The lean running code is triggered by the O2 sensors, so I would start with diagnosing the lean condition before moving on to those P014x codes. Here’s a completely excellent video illustrating all the things I mentioned, check it out! ... BMW E36 Steering Upgrade – 330i/ZHP Quick Turn Rack and Solid Coupling BMW E46 Brake Caliper Rebuild. Use your odb to monitor data stream. Watch your STFT and LTFT. They should be less than a combined 10% either way. Your CEL triggers when LTFT (long term fuel trim) gets too out of whack. Likely vacuum leak somewhere or less likely fueling issue..