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ClickUp is lately super slow For the past 2 weeks, the experience has been nearly unbearable. When opening a link from an external platform (like Teams) or pasting an URL in the web browser. It takes forever to actually show the ticket. Sometimes after 5 minutes of loading, it simply does not display the data and the loading symbol is ongoing. Phone, live chat & email support Build on this practical foundation Number of users Max 5 Min 5 Min 5 Contact us Number of projects 2 300 600 Unlimited Storage 100MB ... Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Trello or Monday, you can import all projects with a click. What happens during the 30 day trial?. Once there, click on the icon that is labeled "ClickUp API" and create a new app. When you create an app, you will be prompted to enter a name, and at least one redirect url. From what I can tell there are no events/triggers support for anything file. ClickUp. Updates an existing task. Scheduled. Action. ClickUp. Find an existing task .... Read full review. Managing projects and tasks across multiple people are easy and intuitive in ClickUp. Ranking projects and tasks with status and priority are super helpful. ClickUp makes managing teams and remote workers much easier and is way more intuitive than making complex to-do lists. If you need something where comments/chats are. Contact Email [email protected]; Phone Number (888)625-4258; ClickUp offers a customizable workplace productivity platform that serves all departments across an organization. ClickUp. ClickUp is a task organizing tool that offers the option to integrate information easily from other productivity applications and to collaborate with others. After creating an account, follow the prompts to create lists, folders, and tasks. Create task lists for projects and use labels to prioritize jobs, import a calendar, add and assign items. On the Control Panel, select Course Tools > Send Email. On the My Institution tab, select Tools > Send Email and select a course. On the Send Email page, select a link, such as All Users. For Select Users or Select Groups, select the recipients in the Available to Select box and select the right-pointing arrow to move them into the Selected box. The most common fix if you are having issues with any integration is by re-integrating. You will need to remove the integrations and add them again right after then mapping the fields from Jotform into the ClickUp account. You can have a peek at the guide in this link on ClickUp Integration. You may consider performing clear the cache and. 7. Smartsheet. If you grew up on Excel, this is definitely one of the best ClickUp alternatives. Smartsheet is a project management software that is based on a table view, which looks similar to a spreadsheet. This tool is cloud-based, and also allows users to switch between a few other data visualization views. In this webinar, you'll learn how to start organizing your customer service workflows in ClickUp! You'll also gain insight into how to build a ticketing syst.