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2016 Chevrolet Sonic LT with auto trans, cold a/c and hot heat, new tires and only 123k miles. This little gas saver runs the interstate with zero problems and as you can see from the pictures is a very nice and clean car. A aftermarket stereo with backup camera has been installed and works great. sonic 1 debug mode online; Events; roblox pastebin exploit scripts; famous graffiti artists nyc; hannah cumler leaving wis; san diego kelly schedule 2022; american tactical omni hybrid multi cal; perth amboy board of education meeting schedule; blackstone flagship fund; Enterprise; dollar general quart canning jars; worst catcher in mlb 2022. A check engine light means you should connect your code reader, displaying codes P015B and P0171, indicating a lean condition caused by unmetered air entering the engine. To get started, disconnect the negative battery cable from the terminal. Remove the plastic engine cover by pulling straight up. Sep 28, 2022 · lean code p0171 means there is too much air or not enough fuel in the air-fuel mixture another option you can try is buying gas at a different station apparently this is a common issue with the early models of the cruze p0171: fuel trim system lean – bank 1 here’s a great youtube video on finding out what is causing the p0171 code to be thrown on.  · Apr 26, 2022. #5. The only recalls that I've been sent for my 2013 Chevy Sonic was an update to the my link ...the PCV valve that is located in the valve cover failure and the water. Apr 09, 2020 · Top Answer Tina S. December 18, 2020 Code p0171 in a Chevy Sonic means that the fuel system is running too lean. A lean condition means that the oxygen sensors detect that theres not enough oxygen in the exhauSTSystem. Your car's ECM will add more fuel to the mixture to bring the air-fuel mixture where it needs to be for optimal combustion.. In a previous video Marie diagnosed a lean running Chevy Sonic and figured out it was a leaking valve cover (PCV System) In this video she replaces the leaki....