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Levy Sector . Position Title: Inseat - Bartender Pay Rate: $11.00 per hour Perks: Free Event Day parking with Shuttle, Free Shift Meal . We Make Applying Easy! Want to apply to this job via text messaging? Text JOB to 75000 and search requisition ID number 1053373.. The advertised program is an AI recruiting assistant that helps you apply to jobs with Compass Group. The average salary for Bartender jobs near Miami, FL is $28,313.* Top 5 Related Jobs and Salaries. Click a salary below to compare with Bartender salaries in Miami, FL. Fine Dining. The average bartender salary in Miami is $24,000 with an additional $200 in tips per day. Interestingly, bartenders in Miami have a lower average salary than the overall state. However, tips are still high, so there's a lot of upside to working in the city.