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Therapy and rehab have documented results in pools (or water) from 80 to 98 degrees. Research regarding exercise in the pool is extensive. The teaching and education for aquatic therapy and rehabilitation happens in schools, conferences and online. The most extensive aquatic therapy education is offered by the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute. Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, is physiotherapy performed in a warm water pool. The effects of the water and warm temperature can help to reduce pain and provide support to aid your rehabilitation. How does hydrotherapy work? The aquatic pools are heated to 34°C - the optimum temperature for muscles to relax. For more than 20 years, Deep Blue Pool and Spas have served Salt Lake City, UT with swimming pool installation. Our reputation precedes us. We have delivered results to our customers for years, and we are thrilled to work on your next backyard project with you. In addition to installing and maintaining swimming pools, you’ll find us working. In general, pool temperatures between 83 F (28.3 C) and 88 F (31.1 C) are usually comfortable for most types of water exercise. Pools that are used for physical therapy typically have warmer water to help relax muscles and make stretching exercises easier. Water exercise is a good choice for people who have arthritis because the buoyancy of the. Canine hydrotherapy also known as (Aquatic therapy) allows dog’s to do exercises in the water to help gain strength, increase the range of motion and endurance while reducing the risk of injury. In water the dog is able to contract its muscles without having to bear weight on them. Dog Hydrotherapy Pools has become very popular in recent years.. Pool4Paws Canine. Aqua therapy can be an effective training method for aerobic conditioning through the act of swimming or simply performing suitable aerobic-free land-based exercise routines done in the water. The added benefit of incorporating buoyancy into the exercise environment makes the activities very low impact, thus, minimizing destructive joint compression and shear.. Integrated Therapy is committed to the highest quality of aquatic physical therapy. We utilize the properties of water to restore people with chronic pain and illness to their maximum function. Call for Appointment: (888) 297-5909. As a tool for fitness, health and well-being, the swimming and water resistance exercises possible in TidalFit Exercise Pools benefit people of all ages. These low-impact, high-resistance exercises are ideal for achieving general fitness while avoiding injury. Get healthy in the convenience and privacy of your own backyard. Conditions Benefitting from Aquatic Therapy Depending on your evaluated therapy needs, you may benefit from aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is physical therapy performed in a pool, using the physical properties of water to assist in achieving movement and healing. Conditions that may benefit from aquatic therapy include: Back injuries. Our pool is kept at a warm 86 degrees, is handicap accessible and only three to four feet deep, so that even those who cannot swim or are afraid of the water can participate. We also offer convenient locker rooms with dressing, bathroom and shower facilities. Patients who may benefit from aquatic therapy include those with: Low back pain Neck pain. Aquatic exercise is a low impact form of physical activity, which typically takes place in a pool using specialist equipment. It allows people to work the muscles and raise the heart rate without. 1 Rigging your HydroWorx Pool 2 Your HydroWorx pool delivery 3 Setting up plumbing 4 Your fully installed HydroWorx pool Request a Consultation Implementing your aquatics program. Ensuring your aquatic program's success is the most important part of the process.