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My 3090 FE coil whine is “moderate” at the stock 350W, I cant really hear it once I start playing with open back headphones. At the 400W power limit it’s pretty bad, with my 800 mV profile it’s. RTX 3090 Coil Whine driving me insane... 19,857 views Jul 6, 2021 112 Dislike SuprUsr Stan 11.9K subscribers Small update on what I'm planning on doing with this build and a sneak peek at what to. Coil Whine Coil whine is the high-pitched noise emanating from certain components on the motherboard. While the phenomenon itself is not damaging to the laptop, some laptops may exhibit louder coil. level 1. wertzius. · 1y.It will stay as it is.Coil whine is affected by temps , so if you stop the fans, the coil is affected by temps , so if you stop the. The RTX 3090 uses 82 out of those 84, offering 10,496 shaders, 328 Tensor cores and texture units, 112 ROPs, 82 RT cores, and a 384-bit memory bus connecting to GDDR6X operating at 19.5Gbps. The. This fix for coil whine is a shot in the dark, but some people have been able to reduce coil whine by changing the default fan speeds of their GPU. This changes the operating temperature of the components that cause the whining. If this works, it is likely that the microscopic vibrations of the coils decreased due to the temperature. umniah smart 6. Now, EK has released the Quantum Vector FE RTX 3080 D-RGB, which is a special edition water block for Founders Edition cards, as the name implies. The new water block will come in silver and black. My RTX3090 Strix has also a very noticiable coil whine. Really bad, freshly out of the box coil whine on RX 6900XT.Somebody suggested to turn the RGB off - which I did with AMD software, but this had no effect on. RTX 3090 has some obscene coil whineRunning on a Corsair HX1050w Gold PSU. Fuck ASUS RMA thanks for the paperweight 3080. A lot of cards have coil whine at first but it'll go away as you run the card. Had coil whine on my 5700 for the first 2 weeks but now it's quiet. Also I think evga cards had some fan noise that was fixed with firmware updates. Right out of the gate the Inno3D RTX 3070 iCHILL X3 beats the RTX 3070 FE in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, and when overclocked is just 4FPS away from the RTX .From what I’ve read you can set the voltage around 800 – 900 mV for the RTC 3080 and 750 – 800 mV for the RTX 3090 .In the end you should set the volate to a value, test it with.